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Monthly Archives: November, 2019

Red Cross Implements Crypto to Boost Disaster-prone Communities

World Bank issues catastrophe-linked bonds for Philippines The World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or IBRD) has issued two tranches of catastrophe-linked bonds (CAT bonds) in order to … Continue reading

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NASA space data can cut disaster response times, costs

  Improving India–Japan disaster response after Typhoon Hagibis Typhoon Hagibis pummelled Japan’s main island Honshu in October 2019, crippling everyday life in the region. The Japanese Cabinet designated Typhoon Hagibis … Continue reading

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Investigating economic, environmental impacts of natural disasters

  Storm brewing over cyclone insurance proposal Insurance companies are pressing for stronger action on climate change to deal with soaring premiums for Australians exposed to natural disasters, amid a … Continue reading

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Koalas ‘Functionally Extinct’ After Australia Bushfires Destroy 80% Of Their Habitat

Hearing Explores Resilience to Climate-Related Natural Disasters With climate change implicated in a growing number of natural disasters such as floods and wildfires, members of Congress and witnesses at a … Continue reading

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The Human Factor In Organisational Cyber Resilience

Being Cybersecure Is Not Enough, Become Cyber-Resilient Instead Technology, for its immense evolution, has now become a significant driver of the economy — both digital and global. Along with developments … Continue reading

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How workplace resilience impacts individuals, teams and firms

How to Fix Burnout: Give Docs a Better Workplace How do you solve the physician burnout problem? Don’t teach doctors to meditate — fix their working conditions instead, Rushika Fernandopulle, … Continue reading

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Resilient design in the workplace

In the path of disaster: The big causes of bushfires that most of us are missing A decade after the deadly Black Saturday bushfires devastated Kinglake, razing entire streets of … Continue reading

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What does the future of climate resilience look like? Experts weigh in!

On the frontline of hurricane disaster Gator Halpern is in no doubt at all that climate change is wreaking havoc. The founder of Coral Vita, 2018’s Young Champion of the … Continue reading

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In the age of burnout, how companies keep their employees coming back

The Road to Resilience: Failure, Recovery, and Recovery Again It would be an understatement to suggest that leaders face significant challenges in today’s complex world. Consider the tasks of balancing … Continue reading

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Earth is headed for its warmest year in recorded history

Climate Change Is a Financial Crisis, Too The people who oversee America’s financial system seem to think that climate change isn’t their problem. As one official quipped in recent congressional … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and the built environment

The need for adaptation technology in the face of natural disasters Sobulen Sarder of Mongla village was leading a happy life with his wife, daughter and son. Besides his house, … Continue reading

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California needs policies to build housing able to withstand climate disasters

Japanese insurers hike rates again following disasters The recent streak of natural disasters has prompted Japan’s four largest non-life insurers to raise premiums on commercial fire insurance policies by about … Continue reading

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How we plan for animals in emergencies

Hurricane Katrina inspired a national pet evacuation policy. The plan could save human lives, too. It all started with Snowball. In the days after Hurricane Katrina inundated much of the … Continue reading

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Disaster preparedness lessons from Israel

  Venice is sinking and this time it may go under rom its founding in the Early Middle Ages, Venice has had a fraught relationship with the sea, dependent on … Continue reading

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Want to Build Unbeatable Mental Toughness? Here Are 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways

Unprecedented Australian bushfires stoke a debate about climate change VEN FOR A country accustomed to bushfires, the scenes look apocalyptic. Swathes of eastern Australia have burned. As The Economist went … Continue reading

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Cyber-Resilience vs. Cyber-Security: Business Leaders Must Understand the Difference

  Tathra kids recognised on national stage for resilience to bushfire disaster The creation of a picture book as a way of helping children express themselves after the tragic March … Continue reading

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Venice floods cause mayor to declare a state of emergency

Australians ordered to flee flames as fires rage in east and west Australian officials on Wednesday ordered residents and tourists to get out of the way of fast-approaching flames as … Continue reading

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Australia Is Battling Some of the Most Dangerous Wildfires It’s Ever Seen

Aircraft fight Sydney blaze as Australians reel from bushfires Fires raged across a swathe of Australia’s east coast on Tuesday, destroying some homes and shrouding Sydney in smoke from a … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Corporation’s Competitive Edge: Building Stress Resilience

Cyberbullying: Help children build empathy and resilience as their identity develops Disturbing events related to cyberbullying in recent months and years have raised great concern among parents, youths and educators … Continue reading

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Inner strength: This is the research-backed way to increase grit

  New Study Uncovers Gap in Resilience Skills in America Resilience is the it word of 2019. From the headlines and sound bites on the topic in political, sports, and … Continue reading

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How To Train Your Brain For Resilience

‘Resilience’ screening to highlight effects of childhood trauma, how to fight them Spots remain for a screening of the one-hour documentary, “Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of … Continue reading

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UK-Australian space tech scheme to boost Pacific climate resilience

UN chief underscores disaster-proofing infrastructure on Tsunami Day UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday underscored the importance of disaster proofing infrastructure on the occasion of World Tsunami Awareness Day. In … Continue reading

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Japan typhoon Hagibis: Ten flooded bullet trains scrapped

Disaster resilience strategy: getting ahead of climate change Hurricane Dorian’s devastation of parts of the Bahamas is again a sad reminder of the Caribbean’s vulnerability to natural disasters. The frequency … Continue reading

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Prism of Natural disasters: California’s Vast Income Inequalities

Indonesia: Experts warn of lingering tsunami risk Nearly a decade and a half ago, All eyes were on Aceh as a 9.3-magnitude earthquake and a tsunami towering nine meters high … Continue reading

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The best emergency apps for wildfires, earthquakes and other disasters

Invasive Grasses May Worsen Wildfires, Study Suggests The fires that have ignited in California, leading to mass evacuations and seemingly otherworldly scene may have gotten start from a surprise source…. … Continue reading

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Recognising role women play in disasters

Blue spaces: why time spent near water is the secret of happiness After her mother’s sudden death, Catherine Kelly felt the call of the sea. She was in her 20s … Continue reading

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New Technology Helps Prepare For Wildfire Disasters

California fires: Virginia Tech experts on wildfire, smoke, disaster response, post-disaster recovery Virginia Tech offers several interview opportunities with experts in wildfires, smoke and the impacts on health, resources for … Continue reading

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Burnt Out? Here’s a Comprehensive Guide to Recovery Methods That Research Says Actually Work

Burnt Out? Here’s a Comprehensive Guide to Recovery Methods That Research Says Actually Work While we have a clear definition of what burnout is, its three symptoms, and the six … Continue reading

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The Art of the Wobble: A Year of Lessons from the Oldest of the Old

  Japan moves to step up reconstruction funding in wake of Typhoon Hagibis The Cabinet decided Tuesday to increase government funding and assistance for reconstruction in Nagano and other prefectures … Continue reading

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How cities are rebuilding to be more resilient to natural disasters

Building flood resistance in Indonesia: new approaches being implemented (video) People and vehicles stranded in floodwaters, inundated business premises, interrupted connectivity, and access to other services cut off. Does this … Continue reading

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