Natural disasters: The new normal?

Everything is gone’: Japan left reeling from worst storm in decades

Many thousands have been displaced across Fukushima prefecture ( AP )

In the east of the city, whole neighbourhoods were left submerged. All that could be seen, as rescuers began their recovery efforts last weekend, were the rooftops – islands of grey and iron-brown beneath a subdued sky.

Typhoon Hagibis, one of the strongest storms to hit in decades, has left its mark on Japan. Five lives were lost in Koriyama. In the Suimoncho neighbourhood, a compact network of worn, wooden homes that sits on the city’s river banks, one of their own was among that count…


Trees That Survived California Drought May Hold Clue To Climate Resilience

When California’s historic five-year drought finally relented a few years ago the tally of dead trees in the Sierra Nevada was higher than almost anyone expected: 129 million. Most are still standing, the dry patches dotting the mountainsides.

But some trees did survive the test of heat and drought. Now, scientists are racing to collect them, and other species around the globe, in the hope that these “climate survivors” have a natural advantage that will allow them to better cope with a warming world….


Natural disasters: The new normal?

CALLS are being renewed for more decisive and strategic actions to be implemented to mitigate the onslaught of climate change in the region and establish resilience against natural disasters, which are being touted as the new normal.

Dr Tyrone Hall, climate policy and communications post-doctoral researcher at York University, told the Jamaica Observer that natural disasters common to the region will become more frequent and intense. Subsequently, the region must move beyond a policy level response.

“We are responding substantially at a policy level to deal with the likely economy-wide challenges more frequent and intense extreme weather events will cause. The best available science points in one direction — current and anticipated climate impacts will be more intensified. People are contending with the impacts in very real ways. The loss of identity-defining and community-building experiences..



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