How Recovery Can Make Entrepreneurs More Resilient – and More Successful

Cyber resilience will make or break the dream of autonomous vehicles at scale

Cyber security is a make-or-break issue for autonomous cars.

Imagine this: autonomous vehicles dominate the streets. Unmanned people movers and delivery vehicles powered by environmentally-friendly powertrains find their way among driverless passenger cars which, albeit not actually being driven by anybody on board, elegantly evade bicycles, pedestrians and stationary objects. Traffic incidents and congestion have been reduced to a small fraction of what they previously were. Traffic is fluid. Traffic lights switch to green for emergency vehicles which are given the right of way in real time and smoothly zip through it all….


How Recovery Can Make Entrepreneurs More Resilient – and More Successful

In 2018, Megan Craig suffered a mild traumatic brain injury at an ice rink. A doctor told the associate professor of philosophy and art that to speed her recovery, she had to commit to three months of “brain rest.” That meant no reading, writing, screens or strenuous thinking.

If you’re feeling exhausted or overwhelmed as you read this, a few months of prescribed mental downtime might sound ideal – minus the brain injury, of course. But for many hard-driving entrepreneurs, this story strikes fear in their hearts. How could they continue to grind out those long, hyper-focused days? It’s no secret that the startup culture glorifies the 24/7 hustle. We hear that to build resilience, we just need to work harder. We have to dig in and find those extra reserves – and sometimes that’s true. However, more often we build resilience by taking the time to fully recharge…

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