How to forge reputational resilience

Building resilience into a portfolio

How can you build this resilience into a portfolio? Certainly, income is important.

Uncertain times can leave investors exposed, particularly those who have neglected to build resilience into their portfolio. As the economic cycle matures and the outcome for the UK economy appears more uncertain, what strategies can help shore up a portfolio?

It is easy to paint conflicting scenarios for the UK today. There is plenty of economic uncertainty, as GDP and consumer spending figures deteriorate. On the other hand, the economy has remained resilient and were there to be some resolution to Brexit, it is easy to see how it could start to improve.

With this in mind, it seems like a foolhardy moment to take binary bets on the domestic economy, assuming that one or other scenario will come to pass. It is a moment to ensure that a portfolio is resilient in…


Australia, Pakistan to jointly work in climate resilient agriculture and its management

Islamabad: Australian delegation on Friday called on Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul and discussed various opportunities for collaboration with Pakistan in environment, climate change forest management and water conservation and protection for boosting latter’s climate resilience against unfolding climate change-caused disasters.

The Climate Change Ministry media spokesperson Mohammad Saleem said that the four-member Australian delegation to Pakistan, Dr. Geoffrey Shaw in Islamabad, lauded the present government’s initiatives for protection of environment, forests, the wildlife and enhancing Pakistan’s resilience against negative fallouts of climate change on agriculture, forests, water, health, education and lives and livelihoods of the vulnerable communities…


How to forge reputational resilience

While reputational risk is a growing concern for companies and their leaders, there are steps they can take to increase their reputational resilience, according to a new report from Steel City Re.

“With a record number of CEOs losing their jobs last year and the number of reputation-based lawsuits over board-level oversight surging, corporate leaders need a preemptive reputational risk management strategy,” said Nir Kossovsky, CEO of Steel City Re. “Ninety per cent (90%) of the S&P 500 refer to reputation in their SEC filings as a material risk – but most never describe their strategy for mitigating it.”

Kossovsky said that reputational risk is not just a marketing problem – it can be a real danger to a company’s health.

“When boards disclose reputation as a material risk without truly understanding it or appropriately mitigating it as a governance and operational problem, they are putting…


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