The 7Cs of Team Resilience

Veteran Launches Intelligence System to Increase Health IQs and Human Resilience

In 2019, employees are living in an era where physical and mental health are becoming imperatives, at home and work, with the need to increase their personal resilience in a more regular and accessible way. The mandate for worker resilience and readiness has grown with the advent of automation and information-based workplaces. The American Heart Association named resilience as the greatest workplace health challenge for the next decade…


The 7Cs of Team Resilience


Team resilience is the capacity of a group of people to respond to change and disruption in a flexible and innovative manner. In the face of adversity, resilient teams maintain their work productivity while minimizing the emotional toll on their members.

A collection of people with high individual resilience does not automatically result in a resilient team. For example, I worked with a U.S. Consulate that had resilient staff who performed well as individuals when they experienced a traumatic incident. They also recovered quickly after the event. However, they struggled to respond during the crisis because they did not work effectively as a team.

Teams need to regularly foster the following 7Cs of Team Resilience in order to ensure they are capable as a team and ready for the unexpected…


3 vital skills for the age of disruption

The human race has seen more social and technological change in the past two decades than in all previous centuries combined. Things are changing so fast that we barely have time to steady ourselves after one technological wave, before another washes up on deck and sweeps us off our feet again.

It’s easy to see why this is happening when we look at technological development in historical terms. Older technologies, like the telephone and the car, were adopted by consumers gradually, over time, sometimes over decades. Newer technologies, like the cell phone and social media, spread seemingly overnight, taking almost no time to go from invention to universal use…

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