Hurricane Lorenzo Completed Extratropical Transition – What Does That Mean

Six killed as typhoon Mitag sweeps parts of South Korea

Six people were killed when typhoon Mitag passed through the country on Thursday, South Korea’s government said. Mitag, the 18th typhoon this year, brought heavy rains in southern parts of the country. As of 0130 GMT, the toll was six dead and four injured, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety said. Some of the six were underneath collapsed structures and others drowned, it said. More than 100 houses and other private structures were flooded, with more than 1,500 evacuating their homes in advance in the southeast regions, the ministry said. Some 44,045 houses and buildings had lost power between Wednesday and Thursday, of which 83% have regained electricity, Korea Electric Power Corp said on Thursday…


Hurricane Lorenzo Completed Extratropical Transition – What Does That Mean

hurricane process
A hurricane normally derives its energy from evaporated ocean water, but during an extratropical transition, the energy comes from air mass differences.NASA

Lorenzo is a special storm. It shattered all types of records in its journey across the Atlantic Ocean and was the strongest hurricane we’ve seen this far east and north. It is also just really weird to be talking about the second tropical cyclone in the past two years to head to Ireland. It happens at times but don’t let anyone convince you that it is normal or common. It’s not and particularly not a storm of this intensity. I recently wrote in Forbes about how odd Lorenzo is and whether tropical cyclone threats will become increasingly common in Europe. At the time of writing, Lorenzo is designated as a Post-Tropical Cyclone by NOAA’s National Hurricane Center after going through an extratropical transition. What does that mean?…

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