How to cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Hurricane Lorenzo Is Too Strong For Where It Is – Let’s Deal With The Climate Change Question Where Atlantic Basin hurricanes first became category 5 intensity in the record-keeping era.Dr. Phil Klotzbach on Twitter Full story:


Artistic Responses to Natural Disasters: The Case of New Orleans

Alongside the ruins of asymmetrical warfare, we are now living in an era of unimaginable natural destruction. The irreversible effects of climate change, hurricanes, large-scale earthquakes and tsunamis haunt our social psyche and capture our imagination. These volatile occurrences are intensified as governments are unable to sufficiently handle the physical and emotional aftershocks of such catastrophes. In turn, the media transform the state’s failure into a spectacle. Only after the media extravaganza settles down and the aid workers leave, do clean-up and reconstruction begin. Then, artists, designers and social scientists start to employ visual and spatial strategies to make sense…


How to cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed

It can start small, perhaps you’ve had a stressful day at work or a simple scroll through your social media feed has left you feeling not quite up to scratch. But the feeling of being overwhelmed can slowly start to seep in, until one morning you wake up feeling burnt out and anxious about the day ahead.

A 2018 study from the Mental Health Foundation in partnership with YouGov found that in the past year, 74 per cent of the 4,619 respondents surveyed have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope…

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