Do Sharks Know When Hurricanes Are Coming?

Hurricane Lorenzo Is The Strongest Hurricane On Record In The Eastern Atlantic Ocean

Hurricane Lorenzo is a powerful category four storm this evening, packing maximum winds of 145 MPH far out in the Atlantic Ocean. Lorenzo joins the heap of storms we’ve seen in the last couple of years to break some sort of a record—this time, it’s the most intense hurricane ever recorded so far east in the Atlantic. While it’s no immediate threat to land, the hurricane may pose a threat to the Azores Islands by next week.

Lorenzo is darn impressive on satellite imagery tonight. The storm has a thick core surrounding a big, clear eye. The latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center indicates that the hurricane is at or near its peak intensity, and Lorenzo should soon start to lose atmospheric support and begin to slowly weaken over the next five days….


Do Sharks Know When Hurricanes Are Coming?

Lemon sharks are just one species that evacuate the area ahead of an incoming hurricane. Getty

Hurricanes can cause lots of environmental changes before they make landfall including high winds, storm surge, and high rainfall. They also create areas of extremely low barometric pressure which many animals can detect. For example, sharks have an organ called a ‘lateral line,’ which is a long row of small pores on each side of their body. Connected like a fluid-like canal, they sense changes in the surrounding pressure and are usually used to “feel” wounded prey. But they can also detect drops in the pressure that indicate an approaching hurricane. These ancient predators also have a very sensitive inner ear, which allows them to detect the pressure changes associated with storms…


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