Prepping for natural disasters as a business

Business models inspired by nature are the future. The first ever science-based targets are being established for forest conservation. Image: HP Full story:


Natural disasters spell trouble for housing, lending

The growing frequency of natural disasters in Australia could ultimately result in a dent to the housing and the home-lending markets, according to an analysis by Moody’s Investor Service.

The report said there has been a significant growth in natural disasters in recent years, including the incidences of bushfires, floods, and storms. In fact, the number of major natural disasters in the country has jumped by 50% over the last decade.

“The risks associated with natural disasters for home loans and house prices in Australia are increasing, because of the growing frequency of such events,” Moody’s analysts Joanne Kung and Ilya Serov said.

The two analysts said that climate change could result in more extreme weather events, which could disrupt economic activity and affect borrower incomes…


Prepping for natural disasters as a business

As storm season approaches, now’s the time to think about disaster preparedness for your business. In the islands, we are at risk for earthquakes, large winter storms, fires and other disasters.

Though disasters are rare, the risk for your business’ existence is high; and a fire or flood, a lawsuit, sudden illness of key personnel, or hacking is even higher. Disaster planning can help prepare you for community-scale and individual scale disasters.

Whether you are rebuilding after your building gets destroyed or gathering information to defend yourself against a lawsuit, you will be better off if you can easily access your records easily. Rebuilding your business will be much more difficult if your files are trapped behind a inaccessible computer or in ash.

There are strategies for managing data so that it is accessible, findable and secure. We recommend finding a method that makes sense for you and your business…


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