How This Entrepreneur Bounced Back After a Failed Pitch Meeting

RESILIENCE AT WORK: Steps to keep your r-battery fully charged Full Story:


This Simple Conversation Can Help Employees Fight Stress and Build Resilience

Work is the most common source of stress for adults in the U.S., stemming largely from employees’ perception that they have many demands placed on them but very little control. Recent studies show that 40% of American workers find their jobs very or extremely stressful, and more than one-third report that their health is suffering as a direct result.

Job-related stress can lead to heart attacks, hypertension, anxiety, and depression. In addition to being a public health crisis, the rise in stress at work has economic implications: employee turnover, absenteeism, and diminished productivity, which costs the U.S. economy $300 billion per year.

At an individual level, developing resilience can be the antidote to job stress. People who can respond rapidly to a threat and then recover just as quickly are better able to cope with stressful…


How This Entrepreneur Bounced Back After a Failed Pitch Meeting

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Mars Discovery District speaks with Chia Chia Sun, the CEO of Damiva, about crashing and burning during a pitch and then trying her best to bounce back.

Sun discusses how selling her business was especially difficult since there are several taboos surrounding her industry of health. Sun’s company, Damiva, is a health startup that makes natural female health products aiming to break the stigma around women’s health…

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