How ‘perky’ are you? Why happiness is the key to workplace productivity


Resilience protects pregnant women against negative effects of stress

Resilience–understood as the set of personal resources that help individuals deal effectively with adversity, protecting them from the negative health effects of stress–is receiving increasing attention from researchers. However, it remains under-studied in such a sensitive time of life as pregnancy.

Previous studies have found that pregnancy is a crucial period during which exposure to stress can negatively affect the health of both mother and baby. Stress has been linked to a range of adverse consequences, including premature birth or post-partum depression…


How ‘perky’ are you? Why happiness is the key to workplace productivity

Until relatively recently, the accepted view was that you were either a ‘resilience superhero’ or you weren’t. But recent research shows that although some people are indeed more predisposed – or have more assets at their disposal – to be resilient, many of the necessary skills and attributes can be learned or developed.

Happiness is something all of us crave in our personal and professional lives, yet at times it can seriously elude us. In times of anxiety and uncertainty, is happiness something of a luxury or a state of being that’s much more crucial than we perhaps acknowledge? The answers to these questions are not always straightforward. Nor can they be answered without considering the flip side: unhappiness. Both states, after all, are fundamental to the human experience. Without them, much of our accepted canon in music, poetry, literature, film, performance, the visual arts and other creative fields simply wouldn’t exist….

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