Hurricane Dorian Oil Spill In Bahamas Has Spread To The Sea

Is media coverage of extreme weather helping who it needs to? Full story:


Japan regulator to launch new investigation into Fukushima nuclear disaster

Japan’s nuclear regulator said in Wednesday it would launch a new investigation into the Fukushima disaster, to look into how radiation leaked from damaged reactor containment vessels and other factors.

Three reactors at an atomic power plant run by Tokyo Electric Power melted down after an earthquake and tsunami eight years ago, spewing radiation that forced 160,000 people to flee, many never to return..

Authorities have said they are planning a series of investigations as radiation levels gradually fall enough in reactor buildings to allow closer examination…


Hurricane Dorian Oil Spill In Bahamas Has Spread To The Sea

Clean up and assessment of an oil spill on Grand Bahama Island following Hurricane Dorian has begun — and the oil may have travelled beyond land and into the sea.

When the Category 5 storm struck the Bahamas, its powerful winds and fury were enough to tear the South Riding Point oil terminal up.

Five of the facility’s oil storage tanks had their dome covers blown off, letting oil out and onto the ground. The Norway-based company that owns the terminal, Equinor, still hasn’t given an estimate for how much oil has spilled, but the land surrounding the facility…


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