European summer heatwave killed 1,500 in France

Resilience report: The world’s 10 safest cities

Although the index indicates that Asian-Pacific cities constitute six of the top 10 overall safest, researchers say geographic region does not have a statistical link with results.

Only six U.S. cities — Dallas, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, DC — were among the 60 global cities that were analyzed. Collectively, they scored highest on digital security with an average score of 91.7, then infrastructure (90.7), personal security (82.9) and (health 77.2).

Researchers point out that across the board, cities at the top of the lists received closer scores, while those at the bottom had wider gaps. Thus, cities near the top of the ranks more closely resemble each other on the index metrics than those lagging behind. Scores varied most widely in the infrastructure category, indicating the greatest opportunities for improvement…


European summer heatwave killed 1,500 in France, Minister says

People cool off in the Trocadero fountains across from the Eiffel Tower in Paris In France only 5 per cent of households have air conditioning installed. Reuters: Pascal Rossignol

The European summer heatwaves caused close to 1,500 deaths in France, according to the country’s Health Minister.

A total of 1,465 more people than usual died during the period, up 9.1 per cent on the average, health ministry data shows.

However, the heatwave was not as deadly as the one which struck in 2003, when almost 20,000 Europeans died, including about 500 in Paris.

“The 2003 heatwave lasted 20 days,” Heath Minister Agnes Buzyn told France Info and France Inter radio stations.

“[This year] we had 18 days in two waves and we managed to cut mortality by a factor of 10 thanks to preventative measures.”…


Queensland’s bushfire devastation captured in pictures

More than 80 bushfires are raging across Queensland in what has been the worst known start to the state’s bushfire season.

At least 47 structures have been destroyed by the fires that have been burning for several days on the Gold Coast hinterland and the Granite Belt.

Authorities said the fire danger had never been as severe so early in spring….


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