Research: Natural disasters lead to PTSD in kids

‘Waffle House Index’ is a real thing during disasters. How does the restaurant chain do it?

What is the Waffle House Index? The Waffle House Index is an informal way for FEMA to gauge how quickly a community might bounce back after a disaster. Newslook

As preparations got underway late last week throughout the state of Florida in advance of Hurricane Dorian, a small but dedicated team of employees at the Waffle House headquarters just outside Atlanta quietly began gearing up for preparations of their own.  Assemble “jump teams” of operators from Waffle Houses across the Southeast: check.  Send in generators, RVs, and gas to areas with restaurants that probably will be impacted: check.  Make sure maple syrup, sausage biscuit and waffle rations are fully stocked: check, check, and check.

“We try to plan, and our plan gets us up to the storm. Once the storm hits, we really just react,” said Pat Warner, director of public relations and external affairs for Waffle House. “We try to be nimble.”

Waffle House restaurants are often used to gauge the magnitude of disasters in the Southeast: If a store is open, your community has been spared. If the store is open but has a limited menu, you’ve probably gotten some damage. If the store is completely closed, you’re in a disaster zone…


Research: Natural disasters lead to PTSD in kids

University of Alberta researchers have found 37 per cent of children in Fort McMurray are showing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the devastating wildfire that struck in 2016. As Heather Yourex-West reports, the findings mirror other studies on how natural disasters affect children’s mental health….


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