Is Your Organization Resilient and Agile?

To Prevent Burnout, Hire Better Bosses Image: Adam Gault/Getty Images Full story:


6 classifications of workers, based on burnout risk

Depending on their personality, some workers are more prone to burnout than others, according to meQuilibrium’s report, “Ready or at Risk- 6 Personas for the New World of Work.”

meQuilibrium, a provider of workplace resilience programs, surveyed 2,000 workers and developed six classifications of workers based on their burnout risk, suggesting ways employers can help them:…


Disaster-resilient SMEs key to value chain’s sustainability

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) form the lifeblood of the Philippine economy through the stimulation of economic activity. SM, as a staunch supporter of SME growth, recognizes that disaster-resilient SMEs are the key to a sustainable value chain and in attaining business continuity.

“Empowering supply chains is particularly close to our hearts because SM’s roots were borne from our father’s entrepreneurial spirit,” Hans Sy said.

Sy was the chairman of the Executive Committee and SM Investments Corporation Adviser at the United Nations Global Compact-Global Reporting Initiative regional sustainability summit held on Tuesday at Conrad Manila…


Is Your Organization Resilient and Agile?

meQuilibrium’s new study is the first to investigate the interaction between resilience and agility, in the context of crucial burnout and work-related performance consequences. In the paper, you’ll learn what makes employees:  50% less likely to quit, 2x more engaged, 71% less likely to suffer burnout. Plus you’ll discover a surprising finding on the dangers of agility without resilience…

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