Why we must get real about resilience to stop work-induced burnout

9 Ways Only The Most Difficult Changes In Life Make You Stronger & More Resilient

Change can be unsettling, uncomfortable, and unwelcomed — but they also make you stronger and more resilient than you were before.

When life changes and becomes harder for you to cope, it turns into a test of your courage, stamina, and heart.  Facing change may be difficult. You might pull the covers over your head or run like chickens in the other direction. Or, you might freeze in place like a deer in the headlights. Can you relate?

Without change, you don’t experience personal growth, learn resilience, or build strength to withstand adversity. And, aside from all that, you can’t get away from change.

Life is change and change is life, whether you like it or not. Some changes you choose and some are thrust upon you. Either way, it takes some time to process what is happening. And some circumstances take longer than others.

But, regardless of how it happens or how long it takes, life will change — it’s inevitable. You could choose to embrace it and make it easier because when you begin to welcome change, your perspective shifts…


Why we must get real about resilience to stop work-induced burnout

Resilience is more than just about ‘getting on with it’, according to Gemma Leigh Roberts.

A simple Google search for ‘achieving success’ prompts 210+ million results that tend to advise readers to ‘do more’ and ‘work hard’. The media feeds us a non-stop stream of content on everything from what Elon Musk eats for breakfast to how Oprah gets things done. This is partly in response to our collective obsession with productivity and daily habits of extreme achievers.

The urge to self-improve is a result of an ever-changing world of work which, with the dawn of the gig economy, has made it compulsory for us to prove that we’re constantly working. In reality, this culture of unrelenting toil and ‘love what you do’ mindset is often workaholism in sheep’s clothing.

Performative workaholism is now the norm in our working culture, with expectations for non-stop performance hitting an all-time high…

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