Workplace stress on the rise, new survey says

Grit and Resilience: The Self-Help vs. Islamic Perspective

I don’t really care about grit.

Persevering and persisting through difficulties to achieve a higher goal is awesome. High-five. We should all develop that. No one disagrees that resilience is an essential characteristic to have.

Somehow, this simple concept has ballooned into what feels like a self-help cottage industry of sorts. It has a Ted talk with tens of millions of views, podcasts, keynote speeches, a New York Times best-selling book, and finding ways to teach this in schools and workplaces.

What I do care about is critically analyzing if it is all that it’s cracked up to be (spoiler alert: I don’t think so), why the self-help industry aggressively promotes it, and how we understand it from an Islamic perspective. For me, this is about much more than just grit – it’s about understanding character development from a (mostly Americanized) secular perspective vis-a-vis the Islamic one…


Workplace stress on the rise, new survey says

People that are more resilient and more flourishing in their home life are actually more resilient to the work pressures.

Heavy workloads and personal relationships are the main drivers of growing stress and anxiety levels among Kiwi workers, a survey says.

The latest Workplace Wellness Report also shows a net 23.5 per cent of surveyed businesses reported their staff were more stressed than before.

The research, released today by Southern Cross and BusinessNZ, is part of a biennial survey running over the last six years.

It also shows absent employees cost the New Zealand economy $1.79 billion in 2018, up from $1.51 billion in 2016…



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