8 Simple Ways Lawyers Can Reduce Stress (And Increase Productivity)

Company culture is a leading cause of stress, according to HR professionals

Company culture is one of the prevailing causes of stress, according to almost half of senior HR professionals surveyed in an influential poll that suggests significant differences in the ways employees and businesses view mental health in the workplace.

The report from insurer MetLife found 45 per cent of HR professionals believed their organisational culture caused stress, although 40 per cent said they were working to create a ‘caring and inclusive’ culture.

Only 37 per cent of the 1,068 UK employees polled said they felt their business had been honest at the recruitment stage about the demands that would be placed on staff, but 56 per cent of HR professionals claimed the stress risks were made clear.

There has been a slight overall improvement in how stressed employees feel, with 42 per cent saying their job was extremely stressful or stressful compared to 47 per cent when the same survey was conducted in 2014. However, 57 per cent now think their job is becoming ‘more stressful’ compared with 52 per cent in the previous poll…


8 Simple Ways Lawyers Can Reduce Stress (And Increase Productivity)

The good news for lawyers is that resilience as a defense against stress and its related problems is not innate, but rather a learnt competence that can be purposefully built and skillfully maintained.

High stress levels and burnout is an occupational hazard for lawyers, as most jurisdictions show that physical and mental health in the profession continues to plummet, but there are some key steps that lawyers can take to avoid the effects of their stress.

A recent report in Australia, from Executive Health Solutions, found that lawyers have dropped from first to seventh place in overall health, with similar falls in mental health (12 to 16.)

And Australia is similar to most other Western jurisdictions where mental health and burnout issues in the legal profession continues to cause concern.

As firms everywhere grapple with a variety of health-risk issues ranging from high rates of attorney addiction, depression and suicide, the focus has increasingly been placed on how law firms handle such issues…


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