Workplace resilience needs to be ‘led from top’ says report.

This Japanese TV show about work-life balance is a big hit – here’s why

work_life balance
Japanese government data shows the number of deaths from brain and heart diseases or suicide caused by overworking stayed at around 200 for the five years up to 2016.

If you’re reading this at work and it’s past leaving time – bookmark the page, go home and finish it tomorrow.

That’s what the protagonist in one of Japan’s hottest new TV dramas would do. And the fact the show’s a hit is a sign the country’s work culture is changing.  The first series of Japanese network TBS’s Watashi, Teiji de Kaerimasu (“I Will Not Work Overtime, Period!”) ended in June, having built up a firm following on social media: 74,000 Twitter followers and 93,000 Instagram followers, to date.

It wasn’t just the love triangle between colleagues that got viewers talking – it was the determination of Yui Higashiyama (Yuriko Yoshitaka) to leave the office on time, when the clock struck 18.00…


Workplace resilience needs to be ‘led from top’ says report.

A report from MetLife UK has found that while there is an increased awareness of the impact of mental health issues at work employers need to do more to increase workplace resilience. The company’s research found 57 per cent of employers admit they have to increase the focus on helping staff build resilience while just 40 per cent believe they are doing enough. Nearly two out of three (66 per cent) employers questioned say organisational resilience has to be driven by the company’s leadership.

MetLife UK’s report Mental Health and Stress: Building Employee Resilience in the Fourth Industrial Revolution highlights the issue of organisational culture – more than a third (34 per cent) of employers say workplace stress is being caused by the way their company operates…

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