Mumbai rains: Is India’s weather becoming more extreme?

What Does Massive Flooding in the Midwest Mean for Wildlife?

The Midwest has been experiencing historic flooding since March, and while some wildlife is benefiting from the extra water, other animals are having a harder time getting by. “Flooding is not [necessarily] a bad thing for wildlife,” says Sabrina Chandler, area supervisor for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in the upper Mississippi region, which covers parts of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. While most animals that live in floodplains have adapted to it, Chandler says, the extreme duration of Midwestern flooding is causing major problems for ground-nesting birds and deer fawns, the populations of which are “definitely taking a hit.”…


Mumbai rains: Is India’s weather becoming more extreme?

India extreme weather 1
A UN report has estimated that in the decade 2006 to 2015 there were 90 severe floods with the loss of almost 16,000 lives. In the previous decade there were 67 floods with the loss of around 13,600 lives. Image credit: Getty Images

India relies on the heavy rains of the annual monsoon season for most of its water needs.

The rains arrive in different parts of the country at different times and, if they are early or late, with devastating consequences for farmers. If they are unusually heavy, built-up areas can face severe disruption.

In recent days, Mumbai has been particularly badly affected, with at least 30 flood-related deaths, and the city’s top civic official says its infrastructure has not been able to cope with the erratic rainfall patterns…


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