Bill Would Require Wireless Companies to Upgrade for Disasters

A quick look at business insurance for natural disasters

With earthquakes in California and Hurricane Barry striking states along the Gulf of Mexico and in the Midwest, small business owners should look at their insurance policies and determine how well covered they’d be in the event of a natural disaster.

Damage from tornadoes and the wind and rains of hurricanes are covered by standard business insurance policies. But some insurers won’t sell policies in coastal areas that are at a high risk for a hurricane. And coverage for flooding, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is likely to need separate, and often expensive, policies.

Standard business policies are for real property, and don’t cover cars or other vehicles. Owners need to buy business auto insurance, and be sure that it will reimburse for damage from disasters in addition to the standard collision and liability coverage….


Bill Would Require Wireless Companies to Upgrade for Disasters

Smoke fills the sky as the Camp Fire continues to burn along the North Fork of the Feather River on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018.

In the wake of widespread cellphone service breakdowns during calamitous California wildfires, U.S. Reps. Jared Huffman and Mike Thompson are backing legislation that would allow states to require wireless telephone companies to upgrade their systems to be usable during fires and other natural disasters.

Huffman of San Rafael, Calif., and Thompson of St. Helena, Calif., are among the 15 co-sponsors of a bill by their House Democratic colleague, Rep. Anna Eshoo of Palo Alto, Calif., that would specifically empower states to require the wireless companies to install equipment like fiber cables with fire-resistant coating, that can withstand disasters.

During the infernos that ravaged California’s North Coast in 2017 and 2018, Huffman said in a statement “it was clear that there was room for improvement in how we are using communications networks to share vital information, including evacuation orders and other safety warnings, with impacted individuals….


FM Global: Turning natural disasters into mere irritations

FM Global, one of the largest commercial and industrial property insurers in the world, is in the process of constructing a loss prevention training and operations centre in Singapore. This centre will offer hands-on risk mitigation education to clients, partners, industry, and government officials in Asia. The premise of the project is to improve understanding of property risks in the region and enable people to make informed decisions about their property risk management and insurance.

“Every country and every culture is different. Getting the loss prevention dialogue started may take a different approach depending on the country you’re targeting,” said Chris Johnson, executive vice president, FM Global. “For example, the economy of China is very much a planned economy, so the exchange of technical data is very different to perhaps some other countries you may look at…

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