Will India’s idea on disaster management gain global support?

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints
It wasn’t the first time that a natural disaster caused a disruption to the sports schedule. Here are some of the worst natural disasters in sports history. Read on:


Egypt to set up insurance pool for natural disasters

The Insurance Federation of Egypt (IFE) has announced that the country is planning to launch a new insurance pool within the next six months in an effort to provide greater protection against natural disasters.  According to reports from Amwal Al Ghad, Chairman Alaa El-Zoheiry has confirmed that the IFE will shortly begin inviting re/insurers to take part in the pool…


“Climate-resilient traditional practices can protect rural livelihood”

New Delhi, July 21 Rajeev Dhawad, who has sown wheat, cotton, soybean in his 30-acre farm near Nagpur this kharif season, has not hit the panic button yet though the rains are missing in his area from the past two weeks. The soil in the farm still has retained moisture thanks to the organic farming — that he claims can help farmers to face the vagaries of weather.

With the water crisis and drought-like situation looming large over the country, judicious use of water and adopting the climate-resilient practices including organic farming can protect the rural sector from the harmful effects of climate change to a major extent, feel experts….


Will India’s idea on disaster management gain global support?

The proposed Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) was first discussed at G20 summits, and could now be taken up at the G7 meet next month in Biarritz, where India has been invited by hosts France, along with Australia, Chile and South Africa.

CDRI was first suggested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Hamburg G20 meet in 2017, and then again at the Buenos Aires and Osaka G20 meetings in 2018 and 2019. Modi “had flagged an important space, which we believe is yet to be filled by anybody and this is disaster resilient infrastructure,” said foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale, while briefing reporters in New Delhi before the Buenos Aires G20 meet in November.

“Prime Minister (Modi) has been of the view that each time a natural disaster occurs anywhere in the world, countries scramble to give immediate relief, but don’t really rebuild the infrastructure back to a state where it is resilient next time a disaster occurs,” Gokhale explained….


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