Fukushima beach reopens for first time since 2011 nuclear disaster

Hurricane disasters associated with poorer outcomes for radiotherapy patients

Lung cancer patients who had a hurricane disaster declared during radiotherapy had worse overall survival than those who completed treatment in normal circumstances, with longer disaster declarations associated with increasingly worse survival. The finding comes from a report by American Cancer Society investigators published in JAMA, which suggests several mitigation strategies, including arranging for transferring treatment and eliminating patient out-of-network insurance charges during disasters…

Fukushima beach reopens for first time since 2011 nuclear disaster

fukushima beach
Children play in the sea at Kitaizumi Beach in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture, on Saturday. | KYODO Full Story: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/07/20/national/beach-fukushima-prefecture-reopens-first-time-since-2011-disasters/#.XTgHKPZuKHk

Families and surfers in Japan have been allowed to swim at a beach near the Fukushima nuclear plant for the first time since the 2011 disaster.  Kitaizumi beach finally opened to cheering crowds today, eight years on from the disaster, as the city of Minamisoma officially started to allow people to swim there…


Tomorrow’s Doctors Will Diagnose the Mental Toll of Climate Change

First-year medical student Anna Goshua was interviewing an emergency room physician in March to learn more about the job when she heard about a patient who had come all the way from Puerto Rico to that ER in Massachusetts for health care. Hurricane Maria had wiped out all prospects of the patient seeking care at home.

A surprised Goshua pored over her Stanford University curriculum to learn more about climate migrants. She realized the school offered no coursework about mental or physical illnesses linked to climate change, nor about the ways in which climate change is changing health care access. While the physical health impacts of climate change crises are more obvious, a growing volume of research over the past five years has…

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