How to be resilient when times get tough

Tens of millions of Americans will feel triple-digit heat between Thursday and Sunday. Full story:



What is resilience? It means being able to cope with situations in spite of setbacks or barriers. Essentially, resilience refers to our ability to recover from adversity.

We don’t have to be a world events expert, to realize that many places around the world have been hit with significant natural disasters. Hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes take their toll on homes and possessions leaving many homeless and without material resources. Many national economies are in turmoil, leaving a lot of people wondering about their financial futures. The toll on human life and spirit can sometimes seem unbearable….


Children’s book on disaster preparedness launched in Pampanga

A book which aims to enhance disaster awareness among children was launched at the Vista Mall here on Wednesday.  The move is in line with celebration of the National Disaster Resilience Month this July.  Entitled “Limang Kuentu Bang Maging Alertu,” the book features five stories that convey safety and preparedness tips which can easily be understood through colorful illustrations.  It is written in Kapampangan and also has English translation.

The book was authored by Jefferson David, illustrated by Cristian Mercado, translated by Dr. Fernandina Otchengco and edited by Ching Pangilinan and Michael Pangilinan.  During the event, David led a storytelling activity which was participated in by hundreds of elementary students from public and private schools in the city….


How to be resilient when times get tough

As proof that we’ve become a society of wimps, take this into consideration: new research confirms that when we run out of legitimate threats to face, we begin to call things that we judged to be harmless in the past as now a threat.

The study was undertaken in an effort to understand how legitimate victims of violence have been marginalized so that wimps can use the word violence to describe any time they feel uncomfortable.

Remember the old days when trauma meant someone had been genuinely hurt, often so severely they could no longer function? Now an unpleasant encounter, an aggressive look, or an offensive word can hurl wimps into such a conundrum that they need to seek out a safe place where they can simper until they have the strength to face the real world….

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