Over 100 killed, millions displaced from floods in India, Nepal and Bangladesh

Recent Earthquakes Spur Garcetti Call for Better Preparedness. Image: A crack caused by the recent earthquakes on State Route 178 near Torco. Courtesy Caltrans. Fully story: https://mynewsla.com/government/2019/07/13/last-weeks-earthquakes-spur-los-angeles-mayors-call-for-better-preparedness-2/


Over 100 killed, millions displaced from floods in India, Nepal and Bangladesh

The poor Indian states of Assam and Bihar have been among the worst hit. Some 4.3 million people have been displaced from their homes in Assam in the last 10 days due to rising waters across the mostly rural northeastern region, according to a government release on Monday.

Television channels showed roads and railway lines in Bihar submerged, with people wading through chest-high, churning brown waters, carrying their belongings on their heads.

Floods in South Asia cause mass displacement and deaths annually, and the death toll and damage from the current monsoon season, which has just begun, is likely to increase in coming weeks. Floods in Nepal, India and Bangladesh during the 2017 monsohere killed at least 800 people and destroyed food crops and homes…


Typical wildfire recovery is ‘rebuilding to burn’, but there’s another way

In 2018 the Camp Fire, California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire, killed 85 people, virtually destroying the entire town of Paradise and shrouding large swaths of Northern California in a two-week haze of toxic smoke. Just a year before, my home community of Sonoma County, about 200 miles southwest of the Camp Fire, was engulfed in a fire which claimed 44 lives. These climate-change-related death tolls are the “new normal,” linking California with the growing masses of climate migrants around the globe.

These tragic disasters have a disproportionate impact on communities of color and shelterless populations. They are the same communities that have been subjected to centuries of oppression and exploitation by the very capitalist, white supremacist, and patriarchal economic systems that created and continue to uphold inequities and competition for scarce resources across race, class, and gender lines….


Donation to help efficient rehabilitation after natural disasters

The restoration of basic needs and livelihood of communities affected by natural disasters will now be more efficient.  This follows the donation of the five-million-dollar worth of machinery from the Japanese government to Fiji.

Environment Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy says the machinery will provide immediate assistance to affected communities such as clearing of roadblock, landslides and evacuation of people in the event of a natural disaster…

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