Yoga & Stress Resilience

Yoga & Stress Resilience

World Health Organisation has termed ‘burnout’ as an outcome of excessive workplace stress, but the fact is that burnout-like symptoms can be found in persons having nothing to do with the conventional workplace.

From homemakers and students to senior citizens and youth, all face some kind of stress. The World Hypertension Day discussion last month warns that in the next five years, the number of adult population living with high blood pressure is expected to grow to a mind-boggling 1.56 billion.

What do we need to do? No easy answers, but given the fact that stress is the culprit, and it cannot be wished away, yoga seems to be aprobable antidote…


Mental health seminar launched to help British farmers build resilience

Lincolnshire Wolds
Peter and Paula Hynes, who created the campaign in late 2018, said the workshop was to ‘build resilience and provide people with practical tools to manage their mental well-being on a daily basis.’

The campaign, #RearingToGo, is set to host a conference and workshop on mental health on September 13, followed by an auction of calves and breeding hoggets at Halls Livestock Auction Centre in Shrewsbury.

It follows a successful calf auction on March 2 which raised almost £19,000 for Teac Tom, a charity which provides counselling and support to people who have been bereaved by suicide….

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