Five Books To Get Ahead: Building Resilience

Health Warning: If Your Workplace Lacks This 1 Thing, Quit ASAP

According to study of 412,000 U.S. workers published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, the workplace characteristic most likely to cause heart disease is mistrust. Image credit: Getty Images

Almost exactly two years ago, I had open heart surgery. They sawed my rib cage open, peeled it back, stitched and reconnected things, bolted me back up. I was immobile for three weeks and didn’t feel halfway normal for six months. It was a hideous experience but, all things considered, was better than the alternative, which was being dead.

What does this have to do with the workplace? Bear with me. Turns out I had none of the behaviors that lead to heart disease. I wasn’t overweight, I had good diet, took reasonable exercise, didn’t smoke, and so forth. What I did have, however, was a lot of workplace stress…


Five Books To Get Ahead: Building Resilience

As human beings, we like to feel in control of our lives. The reality is so much of life is dictated by chance. Sometimes good luck comes our way and sometimes it’s the opposite. Resilience is the ability to cope and recover from difficult situations. It’s a skill well worth developing, especially in this world of increasing speed and complexity that we live in. The below books will teach you the key strategies for how to overcome any hardship – whether professional or personal….


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