The Case For Building Resilience Through Conscious Leadership

Self-care needs more prominence in the workplace to build mental health resilience in staff

Put simply, ‘self-care’ is the ability to engage in activities and habits that deliberately maintain or enhance good mental health in order to build self-confidence, resilience, and enable individuals to manage future issues themselves.

As well as the more traditional avenues of counselling, there are also relatively simple and inexpensive activities that an employer can put in place to demonstrate that they are prepared to support staff both in principle and in practice:…


The Case For Building Resilience Through Conscious Leadership

“Resilience takes effort. It is a combination of personal development, discipline and courage. It requires a holistic approach to all that we do and the support network of whatever ‘tribe’ we choose to belong to.” – Artemis Evangelidi

There can be no doubt, resilience is on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days.  Resilience for students; CEO’s; athletes; new parents.  The category doesn’t matter – the desire to meet a ‘resilient state’ is high.

Resilience is not a new concept.  Over the years it has gone through various transitions with a noticeable shift in focus from internal to external influences.  However, one certainty remains.  Resilience is a process.

So, what does resilience actually mean?  Some researchers call it a ‘construct with two distinct dimensions: significant adversity and positive adaptation’ (Luthar SS. Resilience in development: A synthesis of research across five decades. Developmental Psychopathology: Risk, Disorder, and Adaptation. New York: Wiley; 2006).  This view requires the presence of substantial risk or adversity as the differentiating factor resulting in the ability to positively adapt in the face of adversity…


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