Hurricane-resistant home built from more than 600,000 plastic bottles


Green Climate Fund pours $18.6 million towards water resilience in the Marshall Islands

At its 23rd Board Meeting the global Green Climate Fund has today approved US$18.6 million in financing to the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI), supporting the low-lying atoll nation in adapting to increasing climate risks, particularly more frequent and extreme droughts which impact the country’s freshwater supply.

“RMI, as with many small island developing states (SIDS), has had little if anything to do with causing global climate change, yet we must now cope with the consequences,” said RMI’s Director Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination, Clarence Samuel. “With the support of the Green Climate Fund we will address one of our key priorities – water resilience.”

Currently, the people of RMI still do not have year-round access to safe freshwater supply for drinking, cooking and sanitation. Intensifying droughts, driven by climate change, are worsening the situation….


Last Month Just “Obliterated” Temperature Records as The Hottest June to Date

Europe’s record-breaking heat wave last week, it turns out, was the emphatic conclusion to the hottest June ever recorded.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), a satellite agency that keeps tabs on Europe’s weather for the European Union, reported that the global average temperature for June was the highest on record for that month….


Hurricane-resistant home built from more than 600,000 plastic bottles

JD Composites has completed its first concept home, built using over 600,000 recycled plastic bottles(Credit: JD Composites)

Canadian construction firm JD Composites has completed its first concept home, made from about 612,000 recycled plastic bottles. Dubbed Beach House, the home is located in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is not only a great example of how recycled plastic can be put to good use, but it’s also hurricane resistant.  JD Composites co-owners David Saulnier and Joel German came up with the Beach House concept to provide an economic and fast building solution that is simple, modern and durable.

“Our idea isn’t to make custom homes for couples looking to build a new dream home,” Joel German tells New Atlas. “Our goal is to get in line with projects that allow for volume sales – smaller dwellings, shelters, sheds, offices, sleeping barracks. Disaster relief shelters are definitely on our radar.”…


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