Lyft reveals how it intends to help in the event of a major disaster

Disaster victims often fall prey to scams

Wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. These unpredictable forces of nature can be devastating to those living in affected areas. Even those not directly affected may want to lend support in whatever way they can. Unfortunately, natural disasters are a golden opportunity for scammers, who target those who’ve been directly affected and those who want to offer their support.

Natural disaster scams typically start with unsolicited contact by telephone, social media, email or in person. Scammers may impersonate charities to get money or private information from well-meaning consumers; set up fake websites with names that mimic legitimate charities to trick people into sending money; and pretend to be from the IRS and collect personal information under the guise of helping victims file loss claims and get tax refunds….


Lyft reveals how it intends to help in the event of a major disaster

In responding to a disaster, Lyft says it regularly provides free ride codes to designated areas through nonprofits, local news organizations, and on the official Lyft Facebook and Instagram pages. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods can take out nearby road networks, but if they remain in use in such scenarios, Lyft says it wants to use its ridesharing service to help with relief efforts.

The company posted details of its Disaster Relief Access Program on Wednesday, with its central goal “to make transportation as easy as possible for those in need.”

Part of its City Works program that’s aimed at improving the quality of life in urban areas, Lyft’s disaster relief effort will include transporting people to shelters and other areas of refuge.

Free trips in Lyft vehicles can be requested using so-called “ride codes” that will be shared by nonprofits, local news organizations, and on Lyft’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Lyft said its updates and ride codes will also be posted on Facebook’s Crisis Response Hub….


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