Displacement and resilience: Five women, five stories

Consider Pets When Preparing for a Natural Disaster

The  National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recommends that pet owners prepare now for the potential for catastrophic flooding and make sure they have a safe place to take their furry friends in case of emergency.  “It’s a tragedy we’ve seen too many times: pets stuck in shelters, or worse, because their owners had no place to take them, or homeowners who feel trapped in a dangerous home because they don’t know where to take their pets,” said Eric Cioppa, NAIC President and Superintendent of the Maine Bureau of Insurance . “We want folks to remember that there are places you can take your pet, and that it’s important to plan ahead and be ready for the worst.”

During recent floods in the Midwest, Reuters reported that hundreds of pets were lost or imperiled by floodwaters. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, an estimated 15,000 animals had to be rescued, according to CNN.

With hurricane season officially underway June 1, the NAIC offers some essential advice:…


Displacement and resilience: Five women, five stories

“I want to be a role model…I want to show the women a different reality.” — Koche Maina Koche Maina. Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

The Far North Region of Cameroon is an arid area bordering Nigeria; it’s also the poorest part of the country. According to latest UN data, of the 104,724 Nigerian refugees in Cameroon, 102,803 are in this region, displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency. In addition, there are 262,831 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in this area.

As Boko Haram escalated its insurgency in Nigeria in 2014, the conflict scattered families across borders and from bordering towns, killing thousands of civilians and soldiers, and placing incredible economic strain on the communities of the Far North. Half of the refugees and internally displaced in the area are women and girls — mothers who are supporting entire households, wives who have seen their husbands slaughtered, girls who have been married off even though they are too young to wed, and sisters who have been raped.  Join us for a journey into the Far North Region to meet five women who have traversed immense tragedies and emerged as resilient leaders, survivors and entrepreneurs…


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