The 4 Principles of Self-Care Can Change Your Life

An 81-year Harvard Study Says Staying Happy and Mentally Sharp Boils Down to 1 Thing. READ ON: Image credit: CREDIT: Getty Images


How to use stress testing to increase resilience in a complex and uncertain world

A resilient organization is one that can fulfil its strategic aims, such as economic growth, developing competitive advantage or increasing profits, regardless of any adverse issues it faces either internally or externally. Such an organization is seen to not only survive operational disruption or hostile market environments but succeeds in thriving, despite them.

Conventional risk management tools, such as root cause analysis, SWOT, and probabilistic risk assessment (PRA), can be used to manage known or anticipated risks. But more sophisticated approaches to risk management are needed to cope with the following scenarios: risks that we suspect are more likely to occur than historical observation suggests due to some underlying cause; extreme events that we can imagine but have never actually occurred to our knowledge; or situations where we cannot rule out that the complexity and uncertainty of the environment in which we operate will result in unexpected impacts or conditions…


The 4 Principles of Self-Care Can Change Your Life

This Sunday night, I’m thinking about self-care. Statistically, that’s not a surprise. I’m a millennial, and data shows my generation thinks about personal improvement more so than the others. We think about it so much the self-care industry is now valued at $10 billion. It’s a clay mask-wearing, mediation app-using cash cow that some days makes taking time for yourself feel like a chore instead of something you actually want to do…


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