6 Facets of Resilience

melting ice
Greenland lost 2 billion tons of ice yesterday, which is very unusual. Full story: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/06/14/us/greenland-sudden-ice-melt-wxc/index.html


Skills of the future are ‘empathy, teamwork and resilience’, says Matthew Taylor

The author of the government’s official review of working practices has said every individual should have a formal ‘portfolio’ tracking their skills and development, to help meet the increasingly diverse requirements of the modern economy.

Matthew Taylor, author of the Taylor Review, said the UK needed to introduce an employability framework that enabled every individual to compile a record of both formal and informal training and track human skills such as leadership, communication and empathy…


6 Facets of Resilience

“Resilient leaders have to form a resilient organization. That is the key.”
Vern Miyagi, former head of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency


Resilience is not about returning to your original state; it’s about taking on something challenging. At UH, I talk to students all the time about pushing their comfort zone. If you face adversity, succeeding or failing, you learn a lot and grow from that experience. It builds confidence and resilience. My big challenge every day is to push my comfort zone and I challenge you all to do the same…


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