Paying to Prevent Natural Disasters Pays Off

Image: Floodwaters from the Arkansas River line either side of a road in Russellville, Ark., in late May, engulfing businesses and vehicles. Nathan Rott/NPR Full story:


How to be financially prepared for a natural disaster

Why do people build or live in areas prone to natural disasters such as flood, hurricanes or wildland fires? This was the topic of conversation for a former Federal Emergency Management Agency Chief, Brock Long, at a recent financial planning conference. Long helped lead the development of a new emergency management roadmap for FEMA, which included building a culture of preparedness incorporating financial wellness. He led through two tough years of some of the worst natural disasters — hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Florence, Michael and Maria, and the California wildland fires…


Paying to Prevent Natural Disasters Pays Off

The U.S. is more likely than other nations to suffer economic damage from natural disasters including hurricanes and wildfires. Since 1980, natural disasters have cost the U.S. economy $1.6 trillion. But some say those costs could come down if more money was invested in preventative measures….


Make sure you download the “no scam” app to prevent price gouging during natural disasters

Florida’s Attorney General is urging all Floridians to download the ‘no scam’ app.

It’s supposed to make it easier for people to report price gouging during natural disasters, like hurricanes. The app allows consumers to attach pictures and copies of receipts directly from smart phones.

If you notice the price of something essential go up significantly at least 30 days before a declared state of emergency, that cost may be illegal.

To report price gouging take pictures of advertisements, receipts, and price tags. Check other stores for similar items priced differently and when renting a room, keep copies of booking confirmations and the final bill to compare with the advertised price…


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