Tornado outbreaks reminder to make smartphones disaster-ready

Natural Disasters and Distrust: In an emergency, government must convince people it knows best for them. That’s easier said than done! Read full story here:


Calculating the High Cost of Really Stormy Weather

Storms in the Atlantic Ocean weren’t a major worry for the commodities markets in 2018, but this year’s hurricane season, which has seen an early start, may rattle traders’ nerves.  In the past, major storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic have prompted big price moves for commodities, including oil, natural gas, gasoline, grains, cotton, oranges, and even lumber. Roughly a quarter of U.S. refining activity was shut down in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall on the Texas coast in August 2017. In the weeks that followed, oil and gasoline prices climbed. “If it’s a busy hurricane season, it can affect all the markets, but there are different times of the year when different commodities feel it harder,” says Craig Turner, a senior broker at Daniels Trading…


Tornado outbreaks reminder to make smartphones disaster-ready

Tornadoes have torn their way across the country as the natural disaster season starts, leaving hundreds displaced from their homes and lives in disarray.

During natural disasters like these, amid the immediate danger to those in the path, important documents can be damaged or lost and loved ones of those affected are left wondering if they’re safe. In today’s technological age, there are ways to keep these documents safe while also alerting others of your location.  Particularly if you live in an area prone to natural disasters, either spontaneous or seasonal, it’s always best to be prepared.

In any disaster preparedness plan, you should start with the basics: necessities such as medicine, extra food and water, but also electronics and documents packed in a bag that is available at moment’s notice. It is also important to keep the electronics fully chargedso they are ready to go and accessible when disaster strikes, said disaster planning expert Dr. Chris Renschler, professor of geology at the University at Buffalo in New York…


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