Super-Resilient People Are 6 Times More Likely to Do This 1 Thing, According to New Research

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A global survey sheds new light on how bad events affect young people

The percentage of the world’s population that’s aged between 10 and 24 is growing exponentially. It currently makes up a quarter of the world’s population: that’s 1.8 billion people. So it’s increasingly important to understand how people in this age group are affected by events.

A major new study based on surveys done in multiple countries – ranging from Vietnam, China, Bolivia, Egypt, India and Kenya to the UK and the US – across five continents provides groundbreaking insights into the impact that adverse events have on children. The study catalogued the adverse childhood experiences suffered by 1,284 adolescents aged 10 to 14 in “low-income urban settings” around the world. These adverse events include physical and emotional neglect, violence, and sexual abuse…


Super-Resilient People Are 6 Times More Likely to Do This 1 Thing, According to New Research

Setbacks can set you back or sling you forward, depending on how resilient you are. The ability to bounce back and become mentally stronger is something everyone would like, but it’s one of the most prominent “easier said than done’s” in existence.

It’s worth the effort because of the impact that resilience (or lack thereof) has on our behaviors, attitudes, outcomes–and even health. New research from BetterUp (an online leadership development company) has found that people with low resilience are four times more likely to experience burnout. Beyond that, workplace stress results in 120,000 premature deaths per year and related treatment costs account for five to eight percent of total annual national healthcare costs.

On the other side, being able to bounce back from setbacks is associated with everything from higher job satisfaction and engagement to organizational commitment…

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