Post-Hurricane Documentary ‘After Maria’ Captures Despair Of Displaced Puerto Ricans In The Bronx

buildig climate resilience
Calgary has a comprehensive plan to fight climate change. Image: Calgary Climate Change Program Full story:


Post-Hurricane Documentary ‘After Maria’ Captures Despair Of Displaced Puerto Ricans In The Bronx

Hurricane Maria, the most destructive storm to ever hit Puerto Rico, devastated the island in September 2017. Homes were destroyed, an estimated 3,000 people lost their lives, millions were left in the dark for almost a year due to damage to the island’s power grid and there was limited or no access to clean water and food. Looking to escape to escape these dire conditions, over 130,000 Puerto Ricans fled to the U.S. mainland.

In the documentary After Maria, filmmaker Nadia Hallgren brings the heart-wrenching story of three women forced to leave their beloved Puerto Rico, how their families struggle to adapt to a new life in The Bronx, and the anguish they feel as they face the prospect of becoming homeless again when their federal housing aid expires…


Is climate change causing the recent floods along the St. John River?

As water levels rose along the St. John River this spring, many New Brunswickers had two reactions.

First, they prepared urgently for the flood.

Then they asked themselves whether this was evidence of climate change — whether two major floods in two years proves that human activity has altered the forces of nature.

“Things have certainly changed,” Elaine Price of Mill Cove said as she watched the water rise toward her home last month.

In Chipman, Rhonda Saulnier was asking the same question…

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