Is Your Organization Psychologically Healthy?

Community Resilience: Engineers need new skills – lateral thinking and an understanding of human behaviour

The contribution of engineers to resilience has traditionally been limited to their technical expertise. To achieve better outcomes the broader community needs to listen more closely to engineers and the profession also need to communicate in a more approachable language.

Over the last 10-15 years, society has become used to urban systems and services being provided to us, to support us in everything we do. From garbage collection to sewage, to water, to energy.

These are just some components of our urban systems that we take for granted. But in times of crisis – storms, bushfires, flood, terrorist or cyber-attack – many of these systems can easily break down.

You can only put so much rubbish in the rubbish bin. If the garbage isn’t being collected, where do you put your bin which is overflowing with dirty disposable nappies while you sit in hope that there will be a rubbish…


Is Your Organization Psychologically Healthy?

alarm clock
“…66% of respondents reported their employers did not have any policies or programs to reduce stigma about mental health issues….” – Rumeet Billan

A staggering 500,000 Canadians miss work every week due to mental health issues. The prevalence and impact of psychological conditions like anxiety and depression in and on our personal lives are well known at this point, with one in five Canadians experiencing mental health problems within a given year. But with work hours and associated email time increasingly bleeding into all areas of life, it’s safe to say that stress levels related to the workplace have, understandably, reached an all-time high…

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