The best and worst countries for business: Global upheaval edition

4 ways to make sure your pet survives tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes and other disasters

As Hurricane Florence threatened the coast of North Carolina in September 2018, a Labrador retriever I’d treated in my veterinary practice ran away while his family hastily prepared to evacuate inland to safety. After hours of searching, with heavy hearts, they decided to abandon their efforts and evacuate, leaving their four-legged family member behind.

It’s a tragically common decision that too many families face in a disaster, whether it’s tornadoes like those now slamming a large swath of the country, a wildfire ripping through the neighborhood, or a hurricane that creates a nightmare lasting long after the storm has passed…


The best and worst countries for business: Global upheaval edition

global resilience index
For a country to present a truly stable environment for a business, it needs to be environmentally resilient–either shielded from natural disasters or with a strong system in place to manage them–and politically sound.

The word that might best define the world at the moment is “unstable.” Climate change and its attendant consequences–natural disasters, weather shifts, and forced migration–threaten regions across the globe. Brexit in the U.K. and the Trump presidency in the U.S. are knocking the legs out from under two of the world’s most powerful economies. Concerns around cybersecurity add a layer of difficulty to information sharing.

In addition to posing a threat to all of our livelihoods, these challenges are creating a difficult situation for global business. If a company depends on a wide-ranging supply chain, or is seeking to expand to other countries, it’s important to know what issues they might encounter in each place their footprint reaches…

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