‘Billion Dollar’ Natural Disasters on the Rise

IBM Calls on Developers for Disaster Response and Recovery Ideas

IBM marked Hurricane Preparedness Week to call on the technology community to take action that will help save lives of people in communities that are vulnerable to disasters.

IBM’s 2019 Call for Code Global Challenge is a competition that calls on software developers, data scientists and technologists from around the world to build solutions that help communities prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters and vie for a $200,000 grand prize.

Last year’s winner featured Project OWL (Organization, Whereabouts and Logistics) a mesh network and incident management system that was inspired by Hurricane Maria.

“We are helping build technology solutions to help save lives ahead of and in the aftermath of disasters,” said Daniel Krook, IBM software engineer developer. “Along with nonprofits, aid agencies, and local governments, IBM is putting…


‘Billion Dollar’ Natural Disasters on the Rise

hurricanes represent the six costliest natural disasters of the last 40 years

The number of natural disasters requiring more than $1 billion in relief funding has been on the rise in recent years, according to USAFacts’ annual report.

While the overall frequency of “billion-dollar” natural disasters has increased, the number of severe storms surpassing that threshold has grown significantly in recent years…


Cyber Risks to Exceed Natural Disasters for Insurers: Scor CEO

Cyber risks will soon become bigger risks than natural catastrophes for the insurance sector, Scor Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Denis Kessler said, recommending the industry build a comprehensive, common global scale to assess cyber-related incidents…

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