Violence, natural disasters forced a record 41 million people from their homes

Duck Link
IBM-Backed Project Creates Wi-Fi Network For Natural Disasters The making of a DuckLink, a device used to create special Wi-Fi networks to be used in disaster areas. Photographer: David Williams/Bloomberg Full Story:


Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction: Driving Action on Disaster Risk Reduction

lobally, disaster risks are increasing, and climate change is expected to further drive risks up. Systems- based holistic action is needed to reduce disaster risks and build resilience. With the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030) countries have engaged to substantially reduce disaster risk and bring down disaster-related mortality, people affected and economic loss by 2030. The participation of representatives from a wide range of sectors of governments and stakeholder groups reflects the shift – enshrined in the Sendai Framework – from managing disasters to managing disaster risk…


Violence, natural disasters forced a record 41 million people from their homes

A leading advocacy group for refugees estimates a record 41 million people have been displaced within their countries, with many forced to flee conflict, violence and internal tensions in several African countries and Syria.

The Norwegian Refugee Council said a global report on displacement by its monitoring center for internal displacement found an increase in 2018 of more than a million people in the total tally accumulated over many years.

The center cited over 28 million new displacements because of conflict, violence and natural disasters last year. That figure counts every displacement movement, meaning it can include multiple movements by a single person. Extreme weather events spurred over 17 million of those displacements…

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