A Millennials’ Guide To Building Resilience In The Workplace

Why emotional resilience is important in workplace

Kingsley works as an Accounts Manager in a top Finance firm. As his position in the Organisation grew, it came with more responsibilities and late nights. At some point Kingsley began to burn out and could not keep up with the organisation’s expectations. He would snap at the slightest provocation, began to emaciate, withdrew from his colleagues and his overall performance began to drop rapidly. He just could not keep up. This gradual change drew the attention and concern of his line manager, as he noticed that Kinsley’s overall performance was declining.

Things took a turn for the worst, when Kingsley suddenly passed out at the office. He was rushed to the hospital and after series of medical tests, the doctor informed his family that Kingsley’s heart palpitated wildly which led to an increase in his pulse rate and blood pressure. The major cause was Stress. The information got back to Kingsley’s employers and this resulted them looking inwards for anyone else showing the same signs that Kingsley had shown but this time, with a resolve to


A Millennials’ Guide To Building Resilience In The Workplace

Latest statistics have revealed not only are Australian millennials the most unhappy generation’, according to Deloitte, but are also expected to be suffer worse health in middle age than their parents due to higher levels of psychological stress according to The Health Foundation.

It’s no secret millennials are stressed. From every corner whether personal, housing, work or financial—we’re struggling.

But perhaps the most overwhelming stress above all else is the toll it’s taking on our mental health, especially when it comes to our career.

A study undertaken by the Mental Health Foundation last year found, out of 4500 people surveyed, millennials felt more under pressure at work than their baby boomer colleagues, with more than a quarter stating that ‘working with stress’ was just ‘expected’ in their job…

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