Killer Asteroid Flattens New York City in NASA Simulation Exercise

Monster Cyclone Fani Over India Looked Fearsome from Space

As Cyclone Fani strengthened and made landfall over eastern India on May 3, a network of weather satellites kept an eye on the massive storm.

The cyclone peaked with wind speeds of up to 127 mph (204 kilometers/hour), the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane. (Hurricanes and cyclones are the same basic weather phenomenon, just located in different regions of the world)…


Killer Asteroid Flattens New York City in NASA Simulation Exercise

Astronomers recently participated in a simulation exercise, where a massive asteroid destroyed New York and they had to discuss alternative planetary defense options. (Photo Credit: ESA Operations/Twitter)

On May 3, a global asteroid impact simulation ended with its most recent disaster: New York City and its nearby boroughs completely “flattened” by a giant killer space rock. Even though the situation was completely fictional and featured eight years of simulated preparation, engineers and scientists tried and didn’t succeed in deflecting the massive asteroid.

The simulation exercise, which is conducted annually by international “planetary defense” experts, started on Monday, April 29, near Washington, with a major alert: An asteroid that was approximately 100 to 300 meters in diameter was spotted and according to estimated calculations, had a 1 percent chance of colliding with our planet on April 29, 2027, AFP reported…

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