Can Online Tools Help Employees Build Resilience?

Zurich recognized for ‘outstanding’ disaster review program

Zurich Insurance has been recognized with an Outstanding Achievement Award from the 2019 National Hurricane Conference. The insurer earned the award for its work in developing and implementing its Post Event Review Capability (PERC) approach, an open-source methodology that evaluates how natural hazards turn into community disasters. PERC also provides recommendations to promote community resilience.

“We are honoured to be recognized by the National Hurricane Conference for our work to help communities, businesses and individuals learn from past disasters,” said Paul Lavelle, chief claims officer for Zurich North America. “The lessons learned from our database of knowledge can help all stakeholders take meaningful steps to become more resilient.”…


Building Resilience

Australian security intelligence suggests that the vulnerability and resilience of a specific target are factors in terrorists’ decision making process when deciding whether to proceed with an attack.[1] Therefore, effective deterrence is essential to preventing terrorist threats. This requires building and developing methods of resilience in order to minimise national vulnerability. Such an approach could help to avoid impacts of attacks or at least significantly minimise their consequences.

Occupational security law, the body of law concerned with regulating corporate activity and building national resilience, is still in its infancy in Australia. However, there is extensive overlap with security obligations as part of an integrated safety duty under the Model Work Health and Safety Act (Model WHS Act)[2], which has been adopted in the majority of Australian states and territories.[3] Indeed, the expansion of the primary duty of care has intertwined the relationship between safety and security duties, which requires a person conducting…


Can Online Tools Help Employees Build Resilience?

“Resilience is especially important for employees who suffer from anxiety and depression..” Image Credit: yangleephoto/Multi-bits/Getty Images

You have had a tough day at work. Your presentation did not go well; your boss harshly critiqued your performance; a colleague was promoted to a position you had hoped to fill; and, on top of it all, some of your coworkers planned to go out after work and you were not invited.

Anyone would feel lousy at the end of this day. But what helps you learn from these experiences and get back to business tomorrow is resilience. Resilience, the ability to adapt and recover from personal and professional setbacks, is increasingly recognized as a key driver of job performance. For those who lack resilience, a bad day can seriously throw them off their game, lowering their sense of worth, attitude toward their job and work performance.

In our recent research, we looked at whether using a brief, online intervention could build resilience in employees. We found that distressed employees who used such an intervention a few times per week showed significantly greater increases in resilience than employees who did not…

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