Mindfulness brings major benefits to leadership

Ikigai – Visualizing the Japanese Concept of Life’s Purpose Read full story: https://coolinfographics.com/blog/2018/1/19/ikigai-visualizing-the-japanese-concept-of-lifes-purpose.html

Thousands of Children Who Survived Cyclone Idai Now Face Slavery and Forced Marriage

Thousands of children who survived a cyclone in southeast Africa face fresh risks in its aftermath — being sold into slavery by human traffickers or forced into early marriage by families struggling to survive, aid workers say.

Traffickers often prey on lone children caught up in chaotic scenes such as Cyclone Idai, they said, while parents might marry off their young girls as they struggle to eke out a life.

At least 678 people have died and nearly 3 million have been affected after Cyclone Idai hammered Mozambique’s port city of Beira on March 14 before moving inland to neighbouring Malawi and Zimbabwe, the United Nations said…


Mindfulness brings major benefits to leadership

Mindfulness remains a hot topic in learning and development circles within organisations, as a part of the broader effort to improve employee mental health.

The world’s leading businesses, including Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Deutsche Bank, and IBM continue to invest substantial sums in employee mindfulness programs. A 2017 survey of 141 US companies found 35 per cent were implementing mindfulness programs for staff and 26 per cent were considering doing so.

These investments are backed by growing evidence that workplace mindfulness programs have benefits for individual employees, in the form of less stress, anxiety and burnout, and greater wellbeing and resilience. But do the benefits of these programs extend beyond the short-term relief they provide individuals…


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