5 key behaviours to make yourself resilient to stress

5 Ways to Leave Your Work Stress at Work

Firaz was recently appointed CEO of a $1 billion company where he had held various roles over the past nine years. He had coveted this position for two years, but, now that he had it, Firaz was far from happy.

Work was stressful in a number of ways. He felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of managing the executive leadership team, particularly because they were his peers not that long ago. Another stressor came from managing a board that, while united in its support of him as CEO, was divisively fractured about the company’s strategy. Feelings of fear and inadequacy related to taking the company forward in the midst of new government regulations and stiff competition also added to the stress.

In addition, Firaz wasn’t feeling successful at home either. Before accepting the CEO role, he had promised his wife and children he’d be home for dinner each night. And, although he was physically present at the dinner table, his mental attention was captured by a new text pinging every few minutes. He became irritated over small things…


5 key behaviours to make yourself resilient to stress

Research finds that resilient people excel in problem solving, positive communication, emotional intelligence, and emotion regulation.

Tight deadlines. Increasing demands. Rising expectations. Success can be great, but it’s not without stress.

When the pressure is on, it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind or not accomplishing enough. Minor setbacks may crush your motivation. Criticism can leave you reeling for days.

If you want to perform at high levels, then you must be able to bounce back from failure and all the ups-and-downs that leadership entails. In other words, you must learn how to become emotionally resilient….

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