Here Is What Happened the Last Time the Yellowstone Volcano Erupted: Researchers

How UNOSAT Rapid Mapping Service Contributed to Humanitarian Response to Natural Disasters in 2018

The UNOSAT Rapid Mapping Service has been supporting the humanitarian community with satellite imagery analysis for over 16 years. The service was established in 2003 to meet the demand of United Nations agencies, Member States and other humanitarian agencies for rapid mapping and satellite derived analysis in the wake of disasters and complex emergencies.

Last year, UNOSAT assessed 28 humanitarian crises resulting from natural disasters in 22 countries* across Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America upon request from sister UN agencies, governments and humanitarian organisations.

Looking into the total of 95 service products produced in 2018, floods make up the largest portion of mapping work, being at 61%. More than one fifth (21%) of the total products are about tropical cyclones, and it is followed by earthquakes and volcanoes with 7.5% each and landslides at 3%. In other words, flood mapping…


Here Is What Happened the Last Time the Yellowstone Volcano Erupted: Researchers

Tourists view the Morning Glory hot spring in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, on May 14, 2016. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

Scientists believe Yellowstone’s volcano, if it erupts, will provide far less advance warning that previously believed, according to a major study. It is believed the last eruption took place about 630,000 years ago.

Researchers at Arizona State University analyzed fossilized ash and found minerals inside. From that, they believe the supervolcano woke up just two minutes after fresh magma flowed into the reservoir beneath the Yellowstone caldera, according to National Geographic.

Those minerals revealed that the temperature and composition, which led up to the eruption, built up in a few decades. In the past, geologists believed that it would take hundreds or thousands of years for the Yellowstone volcano to make such a transition….

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