5 effective ways to overcome setbacks in life

Trauma: 9 Things We Fail To Understand

What comes to your mind when you hear the word trauma?

Do you think of physical or psychological trauma?

Do you have preconceived notions about how trauma may affect human development?

Sadly, many people struggle to understand the emotional, psychological, and/or physical toll trauma can have on overall health. Trauma tears families apart. It divides and sadly, in some cases, it conquers.

This article will highlight some of the things I have seen, in my profession and life, that is difficult for others to understand about trauma. I have narrowed these things down to 9 for the purpose of keeping things structured and succinct.

Trauma is not well understood by our society which leads to miscommunication, misunderstandings, and sometimes further trauma. My experience has been that many people struggle to identify what trauma actually is, how it affects the brain, and how it can slow the progression of development. Many of these same people believe that trauma does not have to define or continue to define you. While this is a positive…


5 effective ways to overcome setbacks in life

“Mental toughness involves the ability to experience discomfort yet still feel comfortable.”

While we may not experience the full impact of PTSD, stress and anxiety, they can still affect our ability to make the best decisions. I had been assigned to my first FBI field office for less than one year when I was unexpectedly transferred across the country and given 30 days to report to my new office. The FBI likes to see how new agents overcome setbacks in their personal life and survive surprises in their career and still manage to land on their feet…


Science Says Reading Is Really, Really Good for Your Brain

There’s nothing like the feeling of finishing a great book.

As all bookworms know, reading fulfills you and warms your spirit in ways that binge-watching a Netflix series to completion simply can’t. While it’s impossible to measure the impact of, say, reading To Kill a Mockingbird or The Old Man and the Sea on our souls, reading can have a tangible impact on our health.

In a piece titled “This Is Why Reading Is So Important for Your Brain” for Reader’s Digest, Marc Peyser looks at how reading can help improve our noggins. In the fascinating look at the influence of books on our brain health, Peyser references 2012 research from Stanford that looked at fMRI (the “f” stands for functional and is a type of MRI that measures oxygen levels in the brain) images as study participants read Jane Austen. “MRI scans of people who are deep into a Jane Austen novel showed an increase in blood flowing to areas of the brain that control both cognitive and executive function, as opposed to the…

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