The art of being prepared

Aussie fruit and vegetable prices surge in wake of natural disasters Full Story:


How To Protect Yourself From Real Estate Disasters

As a 17-year real estate investor, I could also be the northernmost real estate professional you know. You might have heard about the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that recently struck my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska.

It made world news: Highways collapsed; structures crumbled; power went off. Water mains broke across this city of nearly 300,000 people; over 300 gas leaks were reported; residents needed to boil drinking water for safety; many Anchorage television stations went off-air. The hits just kept on coming. Soon, a tsunami warning threatened our sea-level city, but it was lifted…


The art of being prepared

San Juan County residents are passionate about disaster preparedness.

And we are much more likely to survive isolation from the mainland with just a little bit of foresight.

Last March, more than 150 people gathered in the Sea View Theatre to learn about ways to get ready for a catastrophe in our rural communities. It was organized by Orcas resident Natalie Menacho and facilitated by Brendan Cowan, director of the San Juan County Department of Emergency Management.

In response to that turnout, Menacho and Cory Harrington started Be Ready Orcas, a volunteer group that offers meetings on community resilience. Monthly offerings began in December and have been very well attended…

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