New study highlights significance of resilience training

Townsville homes may become ‘uninsurable’ due to flooding from climate change

Houses in flood-hit Townsville and other parts of north Queensland are “on track to become uninsurable”, according to analysis that shows the risk to homes from flooding will more than double under climate change.

The modelling, based on current global emissions trajectories, says flooding in Townsville is already about 20% more to likely to occur than previously thought. The total flood risk in the region is likely to increase by 130% by the end of the century.

Climate Valuation, which advises the property and finance industry, said the result would be that more homes would find flood cover difficult to obtain and too expensive.

Home and business owners have reported being caught out by the scale of this month’s flooding in Townsville. Many say they did not have specific flood cover, and that the city planning codes rated properties outside the “one in 100 years” flood zone as effectively flood-free.

Experts have repeatedly said planning controls must be tightened to account for the increased likelihood of extreme natural disasters fuelled by climate change…


New study highlights significance of resilience training

emergency worker

Disasters, it seems, are never far away in Australia, and the psychological impacts on the emergency responders who toil on the frontlines can be devastating.

University of New South Wales’ (UNSW) Workplace Mental Health Research Team, the Black Dog Institute and Fire and Rescue NSW have worked together to publish a study examining whether an online mindfulness-based program could effectively enhance resilience among first responders to high-risk situations – namely police, fire and ambulance workers.

The findings showed that the training helps to significantly increase psychological resilience and adaptive levels, and boost optimism and healthy coping strategies in emergency workers.

The study also promotes the importance of organisations adopting this type of training to improve and maintain optimum mental health in the workplace…


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